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Q: What Does RCN Do?

A: Real Clear Neighborhoods has a single-minded purpose that permeates everything we stand for, and everything we do. That purpose is to increase the quality of life of each homeowner in every association we manage. We have developed platforms that choreograph the dynamic interactions between the community and the people that reside in it. We are big believers in collaborative working and thinking, b

Q: Why Do We Do It?

A: We love seeing the looks on people's faces when they realize the value of our hard work. Everyone has a way to make a difference, and as idealistic and corny as it sounds, we feel like we are making a difference in people's lives. RCN is a tool for the communities that allows them to make informed decisions. Those decisions include the positioning of use for common areas, the overall neighborhood

Q: What is RCN's Philosophy?

A: We made a decision early on to develop our systems and procedures with our homeowners, not before we had them. It was a painstakingly long process, but we feel that was the only way to ensure we all have the best product and service possible, or available, anywhere. Each RCN platform is a custom set of solutions meant to handle all of the needs of the Property Owners Association, its residents and


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