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  • Lakewood Crossing

  • Lakewood Crossing

  • Lakewood Crossing


  • FOLDER Financials

    Budgets, P&L's, and other financial info

    Lakewood Crossing P&L for 2018

    2019 Lakewood Budget

    2018 Lakewood Budget

    2017 Lakewood Budget

    Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2018

    Lakewood 2019 Financial Report & Budget

  • FOLDER Miscellaneous

    Additional information about your neighborhood

    Preliminary (planning) map of Lakewood Crossing Subdivision

    Lakewood common area mowing requirements

  • FOLDER Meeting Info & Records

    Minutes, Agendas, and other documents

    The Lakewood Crossing Newsletter for the 4th Quarter of 2018

  • FOLDER Governing Documents

    Documents that guide how your association is run

    Covenants for Lakewood Crossing

    Covenants are the rules of your neighborhood.

    Bylaws - Lakewood Crossing

    Bylaws describe how your Association is run.

    Amended Covenants - Lakewood

    Amendment to the Covenants.

    Fine Structure - Lakewood

    Fine structure for violations to the Covenants.

  • FOLDER Others

Owner registration form


  • What does Real Clear Neighborhoods do for my neighborhood?

    Real Clear Neighborhoods is a management company for Homeowners Associations. We handle all of the day-to-day operations of your neighborhood.
  • Why Does Real Clear Neighborhoods need Owners to Register?

    It is vital that we have current contact information for all of our homeowners. Your Board of Directors occasionally needs to send important information that keeps your neighborhood running at it highest level.


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